Dear Parents and Learners

It is the beginning of an exciting new year and I, as the newly-appointed principal, would like to wish every learner and parent of Callies a very prosperous and especially healthy new year. May Covid-19 disappear altogether this year and allow us to lead a normal life again, practice sport and create cultural opportunities.
On behalf of myself and the Management Team, I would like to welcome all our learners and staff back to school. A special welcome to the new Grade Eights… we excitedly look forward to the development of a superb group of learners who will turn every day into a new opportunity to learn and develop. Grow and become a sincere, proud Callie and become part of a Callie culture of a life in victory.

The other grade I would particularly like to welcome is our Grade 12’s. May 2022 be the year in which you dream big dreams, understand how to realize them, and like an eagle, reach great heights and as a successful and well-rounded matriculant leave our school at the end of the year with your head held high, because you are ready for life out there. Good luck for the long hours of study and many extra classes ahead. Remember that you are living under the protection of our Father who will protect and preserve you.

Looking back on last year, the school, despite difficult times in various areas, pushed through and closed on a positive note. We look forward to the new academic year. We added well-trained new young staff members. Our experienced, older teaching staff are ready to guide them to the same level of effectiveness and achievement – it’s going to be a great year!

We are ready for the challenges that also await in the field of sport and culture. What we expect from you as a parent is to please support us in all areas. Please note that we need a certain number of teachers which will enable us to keep class sizes manageably small because you dutifully pay your school fees. Please also take note of a new disciplinary system in which you may be contacted more often because we would like to guide our learners to become disciplined, assertive and hard-working young people who look and act like proud Callies. Latecomers (who often do this out of habit) are just going to be sent home again – we do not want unnecessary class interruptions.

Rest assured that the Governing Team and Governing Body will always make decisions in the best interest of our school and children. Therefore, we humbly ask that you please bring your child to school on time, properly dressed according to our Code of Conduct, homework up to date and prepared for each day. As far as the timetable is concerned at this stage, our Grade 10 – 12 learners attend school every day, with grades eight and nine coming to school alternatively: girls of both grades on one day and the boys of both grades the next day. On the day spent at home, these learners have to work through the previous day’s lessons, revise the work and do homework. You are welcome to contact the school in case of uncertainty about this.

Please remember that communication is important to us and that information is available on various platforms: the Communicator, the Facebook page as well as the website.
Let’s join hands, you as parents and us as teachers, and together form the solid foundation on which your child can build his / her future.

Callies greetings
Mrs. Esmé Eksteen