Winter school is a compulsory activity for all our matriculants. If you are a matriculant and is busy reading this you will soon realize that after the June holiday you’ll only be left with one or two months of school and your hourglass is busy running out of time.

Winter school takes place during the winter school holiday (June/July) and stretches at least over a period of one week.

During this time all matriculants are persuaded in a very friendly way to attend these classes. During this opportunity revision is done of the first and second term’s work as well as remedial work of the past June examination.

The grade-12 staff concerned with the winter school go to great length to prepare for this activity and prepare classwork to make this a wonderful and pleasant learning experience.

Parents of grade 12 learners must please make their holiday arrangements in such a way that it does not interfere  with the winter school, if they need go on holiday.