“When people travel to different places to spend time with family or friends, to relax, for business reasons or even adventure, it can be regarded as tourism. The tourism industry is a very big and complex sector, developing and changing on a daily basis because of the changing needs of people.”

Did you know that our country has now the “Big 7” and not the “Big 5” anymore? Did you know that South Africa has 6 Trans frontier Parks? What is a Trans frontier Park you may ask? This answer and many other exciting facts will become known when you take Tourism as a subject.

Because Tourism is considered as one of the biggest earners of South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product, tourism is considered as the new “gold” of South Africa. According to statistics, 1 new job opportunity arises for every 12 tourists visiting South Africa.

Tourism has been a school subject since 1996. It even developed further and is now taught on tertiary level at various universities in South Africa.

We believe tourism as a subject must also be presented on a practical level and this means going on day excursions and even longer tours during school holidays! This subject is for positive, creative, energetic and adventurous learners. Learners has to have a passion for South Africa – our “Rainbow Nation” -and the World as a tourist destination and for those who want to make a difference in serving other.

Tourism gives the opportunity for each learner to learn more about:

  • Tourism as an interrelated system
  • Responsible and sustainable tourism in the environment
  • Tourism geography and travel trends
  • Customer service and communication
  • Cultural diversity
  • Foreign exchange
  • Hospitality management
  • Exciting job opportunities awaiting tourism learners:
    • Tour guides
    • Tour Operators
    • Event management
    • Conference Coordinator
    • Travel agent
    • Chefs and catering industry
    • Hotel Managers

The choices are never ending!!!!!