Formal assessment consists of: Tests, tasks/assignments and examinations.

Tests and Examination – schedules

At the start of every year every learner receives a test schedule and before the start of every examination, a schedule for the coming examinations; no learner, therefore has an excuse for not knowing when he or she will be writing a paper.

During the term, tests are written during the class periods of the different subject concerned and therefore Carletonville High School does not have a formal test series during every term. These schedules can be downloaded under the Timetable-link on the Communicator and website.

Program of assessment

Every grade receives in the beginning of each term a program of assessment which, includes tests and tasks/assignments for the term and the dates on which they take place.

Examinations Arrangements

During the course of the year two annual examinations take place – during the final weeks of the second term and again in the fourth term.

Examinations take place daily in 2 Sessions:

  • Session 1 starts promptly at 7:30 and ends at 11:00.
  • Session 2 starts promptly at 11:20 and ends at 13:30.

Grade 8 to 12 learners are required to come to school only on the days and during the sessions in which they write a paper.

Learners who write their exam papers in the second session, have to be at school at 11:00.

Learners whose papers are written during the first session of the day, are allowed to go home at 11:00.

Parents who experience difficulty with the transport arrangements to and from school during the exam times or who are worried that their children will not be able to study at home, can rest assured that there will be a classroom available for them to study every day, under the supervision of invigilators.

If you wish for your child to study at school, please complete the tear-off slip which accompanies the circular in which examination arrangements are communicated and return it to your child’s register teacher or to school as soon as possible. This letter will be available under the parents’ letters-link.

If your child is absent due to illness, please provide a doctor’s note. A note in which the doctor states the following is not acceptable: “As informed…” All original doctors’ notes must be handed in IMMEDIATELY. Failing to do so will influence your child’s promotion mark. This remains the responsibility of the learner and parent.

Unfortunately no learner will be allowed to write any exam paper earlier than the scheduled times. If parents would like to go on holiday make sure that travel arrangements do not influence your child’s academic performance.

Learners who linger in town or at the primary schools will be responsible for the exam preparation time to be denied to schools.

All school rules are applicable during the examination and must be adhered to!!

Learners who have not handed in any textbooks or any other school property, will have to fetch it from their homes before they will receive their reports. This regulation applies particularly at the end of the year for all our pupils and matriculants.

We trust that you and your child understand the importance of their academic responsibilities and that we can count on your cooperation in this regard.