I begin my daily task, with gratitude unto my heavenly father, aware that it is He who grants me all I need, always leads me and keeps watch over me.

I will treat my parents, teachers and everyone who is my elder or superior, with respect.

I will do unto other what I expect of them to do unto me.

I will never do anything which could ruin the good name of my school, my fellow pupils and my teachers.

I am prepared to give the best of my talents, all my strength and all my time in the interest of my school and the help in the building thereof, in word and deed.

I will always remember that I have a responsibility toward my school, church and nation, and that I have to be a true, loyal member thereof.

I will use all the opportunities I am given to the full, to prepare myself for the challenges life will deal me, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Through God’s mercy, in Jesus Christ, I am convinced that I can accomplish all these goals, because…