In Mathematical Literacy any learner is prepared to face the challenges of the modern world.

Learners who struggle and cannot pass normal mathematics, need to take Mathematical literacy. Every strand of modern civilization lives in symbiosis  with mathematics. This subject allows any learner to practice mathematics with ease in any part of life, e.g.

–   working with interest rates

–   when you paint, build even make curtains or furniture

–   work with money as an entrepreneur in your own business

–   when you collect and analyse information with market related ques-     tions in mind.

What is the career opportunities after school ?

Mathematical literacy will give you exemption to study at a university. Unfortunately you will have a limited amount study fields that you will be able to follow, e.g. nothing in B.Com or B.Eng.

This subject ideally caters for the entrepreneur that would like to start his or her own business.

Learners who find difficulty with normal mathematics will enjoy this form of mathematics. They can use logic to solve problems.