Life Orientation aims to empower learners so that they can use their talents to realise their full bodily, spiritual, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential.

Life Orientation helps learners to develop skills to conduct positive interaction. It also helps them to contribute to the family and community while they live according to the values taken up in the Constitution. They learn  to exercise their rights and responsibilities, to respect others’ rights and to show tolerance for cultural and religious diversity in order to build a democratic society.

Learners are enabled to make well-informed, morally responsible and justified decisions about their health and environment. They are encouraged to gain and exercise the necessary life skills and to react to challenges and to play an active and responsible role in the economy and society.

Life Orientation requires that learners must be honest with themselves. A variety of tasks are done throughout the year as part of their assessment.  Part of the learning area focuses on the fitness of the learners. It is required  of them to take part in physical activities.

Life Orientation  is an holistic subject that attempts to develop the learner on all levels. There is no specific career but the learners are assisted to make the right career choice and to better him/herself.