Business Studies is an elective subject in Grade 10 tot 12.  This subject deals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values critical for informed, productive, ethical and responsible participation in the formal and informal economic sectors.

Business Studies as subject encompasses business principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of an entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth.


A number of assessments and/or investigations are required at particular intervals, assisting both learner and teacher to continuously monitor progress in the area of Business Studies.  These assignments/investigation are graded and marks accumulate towards a year mark.
Formal assessment includes an assignment, a project, a presentation, tests and examinations.

Uses local contexts including important global issues

Allow learners to apply their knowledge and skills in meaningful contexts


The course is based on the principles of the curriculum, including:

  • Social transformation – Active and critical learning
  • High knowledge and high skill – Progression
  • Human rights, inclusivity, environmental and social justice
  • Valuing indigenous knowledge systems
  • Credibility, quality and efficiency


  1.  Micro-environment (business functions and quality)
  2. Market environment
  3. Macro-environment
  4. Relationships between the micro-, market and macro-environments
  1. Business sectors
  2. Contemporary socio-economic issues
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Entrepreneurial qualities
  5. Forms of ownership
  6. Creative thinking and problem solving
  7. Business opportunities and related factors
  8. Choosing a business location
  9. Contracts
  10. Presenting business information
  11. The business plan
  12. Self-management in a business context
  13. Achieving business objectives through relationships performance