Carletonville High School celebrated on Saturday, 23 April  when 10 schools’ netball, hockey, chess and rugby teams competed against each other. The participating schools were Zeerust High School, Steelcrest, Goudrif, Bastion, Allen Glen, Carel de Wet, Glenharvie, Wonderfontein and Carleton Jones with Callies as host.

We were blessed with a lovely sunny day which ensured that competition of the highest standard was seen in all sports.

We would like to thank the principal, Mrs. Esmé Eksteen and the Management team, all staff members, SGB members, coaches, parents and learners.  Your hard work and commitment to the school was greatly awarded by the success of the day.  We would also like to make use of this opportunity to thank all participating schools and their staff for their sacrifices in order to participate on the day and thereby ensuring the success of the event.

Congratulations on an impressive and successful day.

Callies we are proud!!