Last week we said farewell to Mr Marnus Grobbelaar after 20 years at Callies

He was born in Carletonville and has lived here his whole life. He matriculated from Hoërskool Carletonville in 1997 and went on to further his studies at the University of the North West (PU vir CHO) only to return in 2001 as a very young teacher with a BsC Honors in Environmental Management. Music and singing has always been one of his number one passions, and you would most probably bump into him walking down a passage singing some or other song. He produced year after year 9 revues from 2001 to 2009 for “Callies” and even discovered some celebrities all of whom are old learners today. A few of his revue productions won well-known revue competitions and 3 productions ended up on the Aardklop National Arts Festival Stages in Potchefstroom. He is always looking to make a difference in the lives of individuals – whether on or off the field, stage or in the classroom. He mentions that it is extremely rewarding to see how people can grow if given the right support, guidance and skills. Away from the gym and work he enjoys jumping into the car and getting away to as many new and different places as possible. So much to see and do. Mr. Grobbelaar is always up to something running here and there helping and organizing. He always loved creating special occasion or being in the middle of “things”. He will be remembered as favorite choice for Master of Ceremonies when it comes to matric farewells or the grade 12 valediction ceremony. Mr. M you 
will surely be missed.
• Geography
• Tourism
Extra-Mural Activities
• Hockey
• Swimming
• Athletics
• Revue
• Favourite Food Dish: Lamb Shank on Mashed Potato and grilled Mediterranean vegetables. My Gran’s Jan Ellis Pudding.
• Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption, Mr. Holland’s Opus. The Power of One. Braveheart. Priscilla – Queen of the Desert


• Favourite Actor: James McAvoy, Anthony Hopkins
• Quote / Motto: It’s not impossible. It’s just difficult for now If you don’t try, you’ll never know.
• Hobbies: I love Bonsai (I have talented green fingers).
• In my free time: Play the piano, pipe organ and sing. I am a qualified advanced spinning instructor. Reading and learning as much new information as possible. I am also an avid Genealogist and have traced my families heritage.
• What you don’t know about me: I have a secret alter ego. You’ll never know it’s me. Got my provincial colors in swimming (Breaststroke and Butterfly)
• Favourite Song: It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls and Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot
• If I didn’t become a teacher…: Environmental Manager,
• Favourite pet/animal: Dogs. I’ve always loved French Poodles, Great Danes and English bulldogs
• Favourite location in the World: Umhlanga Rocks – South Africa and Mauritius
• With which cartoon character do you associate yourself: La Linea (an Italian character)
• Worst present received ever: Not receiving one at all
• What would you grab if your house started burning down: All important personal information in my file, expensive valuables, family photos and pets.