Dear Callies

I would like to wish every learner, educator and parent a prosperous 2019 and I hope for a growing relationship and cooperation between parents and educators. I believe in an open door policy and I would like to invite you to knock on our door if you encounter any problem.

On behalf of Carletonville High School, I would like to welcome all new Callie learners. You are very important to us, therefore we are excited that you have decided to become part of our school. You now have the opportunity to become part of a winning team and enjoy the best education in our area.

We trust that you will grasp this wonderful opportunity which Carletonville High School offers you, making most of your cherished ideals and those of your parents and school, and turning them into reality.

We are looking forward to this year and all its challenges. It is expected that you take charge of your child’s education at home and that we are responsible for the academic-, sports- and cultural development of your child. Every learner is special to us and that is why we depend on you as parents to become part of the activities of the school and your child.

I would like to call on all parents to take responsibility for your child’s discipline and that you will motivate your child every day so that they look forward to the school’s challenges.

Parents, may you all experience a very prosperous year and please do not hesitate to get involved with the activities at school. Your child will appreciate your support tremendously. Your support will inspire achievement because of the fact that you are interested in what they do. The school will also benefit from your support and together we will be able to create a better learning environment for our learners.

Good luck to all during this term with all its activities ahead.


Callies Greetings

A.G. Meyer (Principal)