“Jesus has the final word!!!”

This is the motto of the CSS (Christian Students Society) at Callies.  Our Heavenly Father, through His Son, has made it possible for us to have a life abundantly filled with His love.  He has given His only Son to proclaim victory over our lives, over everything we struggle with.

What a privilage to be in a school with these Christian principles and beliefs!!

What do we do?

CSS staff organises prayer meetings in the mornings in the staff room.  Then we pray for the staff, the learners and our school.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays during break we have discipleship meetings where we dig deeper into God’s word.  On a Thursday there’s also Hebrew classes.
  • Wednesdays during break we host a big CSS meeting for the school.  We sing , dance, worship God, listen to international speakers and study God’s word.
  • CSS staff also tries to host a camp during each term, where we go away for a weekend.  How AWESOME!

Hungry to learn more?!     Hope to see you there!