18 Athletes qualified to participate in the D2 championships that took place on Saturday 23 February.  

During this championship, Dorian Freeman qualified for the South Gauteng Championships in u/17 Javelin.


Golden Lions Presidential XV

Three players were selected for the Lions Rugby Union President XV and will participate in the Easter Festival during Easter weekend. The stars are the u/19 players Pedrie Coetzee and Wian van der Westhuizen who will play at St. Johns College in Johannesburg.  And u/16 player Jeffrey Barnard is playing in the tournament taking place at Jeppe High.  

Super 8 round 2 Rugby results

u/14 won vs Steelcrest 12-10 u/15 lost vs Allen Glen 17-42 u/16 won vs Die Anker 53-0 2nd Team lost vs Steelcrest 12-22 1st Team lost vs Allen Glen 26-60

Super 8 Round 2 Netball results

u/14 won vs Die Anker u/15 20-5 Draw vs Allen Glen u/15 10-10 Won vs Steelcrest u/15 6-4   1st Team Won vs Allen Glen 19-15 Won vs Steelcrest 24-10 Won vs Die Anker 36-8

Super 8 Round 1 Netball results

Congratulations to the u/14 and 1st netball teams who won all their games.

o/14 vs o/15 Callies  13 vs Steelcrest  3 Callies  17 vs Die Anker  5 Callies  10 vs Allen 1st Team Callies 19 vs Steelcrest  7 Callies  35 vs Die Anker  7 Callies  22 vs Allen Glen  8

Super 8 Round 1 Rugby results

1st Team Callies lost vs Steelcrest   28-48 2nd Team Callies lost vs Die Anker 0-14 u/16 Callies lost vs Allen Glen  5-19 u/15 Caliies lost vs Steelcrest  10-17 o/14 Callies won vs Die Anker 44-0

Hockey results winter sport day

o/14 Callie 0 - Glenharvie 1 o/14 Callies 0 - Carel de Wet 1 o/15 Callies 0 - Carel de Wet 4 o/15 Callies 2 - CJ 0 o/16 Callies 3 - CJ 0 o/16 Callies 1 - Carel de Wet 1More

Netball results Winter sport day

o/14A won vs CJ 24-14 won vs Glenharvie 11-10   o/14B won vs Die Anker 20-3 lost vs Glenharvie 4-15   o/15A won vs CJ 11-8 won vs Glenharvie 13-10More