For our anglers, come catch that evasive BIG ONE with Callies’ new fishing activities.  All fishermen can come and have fun while they patiently wait for the BIG ONE!


There are no age groups, anglers will only be divided into teams of four.


Mr. B. G. Lodewyckx

Angling dates:

11 – 12 March  Koppies dam

2 April  Ardenza Vaal dam

1 May  Open day Western Deep Levels

13 – 14 May  Bamboes dam

3 June  Mac Pack Clinic

29 – 30 July  Koppies dam

13 August  Wilgedraai dam

2 – 3 September  Volstruisbaai

8 October  Klipdrift dam

18 – 19 November  Bloemhof dam

2 December  Prize giving