Several parents, teachers of Callies and Ladies from the community continued this year with the Blanket project. The project started on 18 July 2018 and with all the blocks already received, we have a total of 98 blankets, of which 13 have already been donated to the “Ons Huis” home for the elderly with Alzheimer’s.

We would like to involve all parents and learners and people in the community. Please knit or crochet 12 / 12cm blocks, about 25 / 30 stitches with “double knit” wool.

We urgently need more wool to keep this project going. Please we accept any “double knit” wool. All wool donations or finished blocks can be handed in at Callies for Me. Wessels.

For more information about this project that will go on until next year in June, please join our Facebook page “Omgee Handjies” or phone Mrs. Wessels at 079 490 8457.